Why Do I Need A Brand

hands holding up multi coloured highly coloured balloons spelling out brand

Why Do You Need A Brand?

If you suddenly feel like you need a marketing degree get out of that mind set as this part is easy. If you have used namecheckr and found a domain that has plenty of social media handles still available you only need to go to each of those sites and set up a profile and link your domain on it. You can move on from here but get the basics right first. If you do this you are already on the way to boosting your domain authority.

Building a brand is purely so people relate to you, you don’t need fancy logos or slogans as long as your content is interesting and informative or interesting and funny in some cases then people will follow you and talk about you. If people are talking about you or sharing on social media as they can relate to or enjoy reading your material you have cracked it and keep going.

You can go as far as having your own colours and text settings so that people identify you but that’s quite a corporate marketing strategy and a lot of people will buy into you and not something that looks like a company trying to make money.

If you want to go down the branding route Canva is a great place to start as they have templates for everything, one of the main most popular features found on social media is infograms.

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