What is Domain Authority?

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When I started blogging I often heard reference to Domain Authority or DA for short. DA basically is a scoring system that was created by Moz. I didn’t like it straight away.

I was back at school and being graded by a tutor.

As a beginner though don’t get too caught up in it and checking it each day it does take time and it can distract you from your end goal. You most likely want to make money and so you have more avenues than worrying about DA. You can build a passive income niche without worrying about DA – you can use Google to advertise or use use affiliate links.

Your main goal is getting your content out there and whichever route in blogging you’re taking your content is key. Starting out I fell into the trap of chasing the DA and I forgot about the main person in the process. My main person is my audience, my content has to be about delivering to people.

Getting caught up in the money will ruin or block your potential, think and serve your audience – the people, the humans wanting the answer!

The whole concept about SEO – yes there is that dreaded word that everyone fears! Sorry I apologise however trust me – I’m a Blog Doctor lol. It’s not that difficult to get your head around.

You’ve heard the ‘content is king’ term haven’t you?

This blog at time of writing is very new my domain is very low at the moment, however I’m working on it in-between trying to keep the crazy kids from killing each other.

I haven’t helped matters recently in that stage as my passion is blogging but they are being left out, I know what I am doing and this should take me less than a couple of hours to write something but the children are having a hard time at school so I am going to make sure that I post once a week and do the rest on social.

So back to domain authority – I do this all the time and run off on a tangent.

How is Domain Authority Ranked.

It all changed recently (early 2019), someone in the ether realised that bloggers and black hat SEO agencies were manipulating the system and linking to each other through FB groups and PBN (private blog networks) it was taking moments of peoples time to interlink blogs and websites between Aunts, Uncles, mates and strangers in the pub so it ended and backlinks were actually audited more.

At roughly the same time people that bought links dropped across FB and Instagram as fake accounts were also wiped out. Some folks lost half their followers as they had fallen foul to buying followers to make their accounts look impressive as they fell for the vanity metrics.

It’s hard not to fall for these tactics when you are starting out as many savvy viewers will look at the amount of likes and followers that someone has and will rule judgement on that alone.

Many have slipped through the net, you can buy anything on the net these days, you can buy FB groupies as a figure but they don’t actually mean anything as they are ghost accounts. The whole point of having a group/community is building a team of people who you have created the will alleviate your time to help each other out. If you get together enough like minded people you as the brand will only have to step in, I would advise early stages you are accessible 24/7 but slowly and surely you can step down and have other admins take up the reign.

Is that ethical? Yes and no, as long as you are creating content and helping people great, your admins will assist as the authority you need to be reached but soon the community will engage together and you can step back.

We score Domain Authority on a 100-point logarithmic scale. Thus, it’s significantly easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it is to grow from 70 to 80.


I would really suggest that you go along to Moz and check out their explanation, ignore the grammatical error at the top of the page. I write most of my posts after a couple of wines unwinding after the day of craziness of being a SAHM and so sometimes I miss my odd thing. I’m sure as huge as they are they will see this and correct their mistake and I doubt they are tipsy when posting.

What I really love about this page is that they have ladies against the usual norm of size 0, make up to the extreme or handsome guys talking so fast you can’t understand them and so they obviously know what they are talking about.

How Can You Quickly Improve Your Domain Authority

The initial stage is making sure you have your social backlinks directing back to your site and that you are using the correct address.

If you are running a business you need to register with the business directories, most are free:

  • Google My Business
  • Yell
  • Yelp
  • Business Magnet
  • BT
  • Scoot
  • Hotfrog

Blogger Outreach

There are many paid tools for blogger outreach but as a newbie follow the simple rule – GOOGLE!

Whatever niche you are in google that and add guest post.

Or alternatively join FB groups of your niche and also for a roundup or quote post and you will find people willing to build with you.

Whatever niche you are in join the FB groups and search out the forums as you will have chance to be:

  • An authority figure – link from your personal to business page will help with traffic
  • You’ll gain info on what people need, fuel for a post
  • You will learn how your competitors are dealing with above queries and you can go that step further

Never forget your content isn’t for robots and spiders, your content is for a person searching – deliver beyond their requirements and you will do just fine.

Google is starting to be programmed to be a human. Engage and satisfy your customer and you will satisfy Google!

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