What Is Blogging?

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You’ve heard it’s a way to make money or a way to promote your products? Right?

A blog is where people write about themselves, company or charity in a diary format, events or topics.

The better your blog posts are to your relevant audience , the higher the chances for your website to get discovered and visited by your target audience over and over gain. Which means, a blog is an effective lead generation tool. Add a great call to action (CTA), and it will convert your website traffic into high-quality leads.

Examples Of Blogs

  • Parenting Blog – Cup Of Jo
    • One of the best mommy bloggers around, Joanna has a really simple looking blog, full to the brim of useful stuff for old and new mothers alike.
  • Foodie Blog – Cookie & Kate
    • Vegetarian blogger Kate and her dog Cookie.
  • Travel Blog – Dan Flying Solo
    • He’s an amazing writer with tons of useful tips, and is an even better photographer.
  • Money Blog – Money Saving Expert
    • Needs no introduction really as Martin has become a household name to many.

When you use your niche knowledge for creating informative and engaging posts, it builds trust with your audience. Your audience are more likely to trust what you are telling them and move in the direction you want them to.

Overhead View Of Audience Applauding Speaker At Conference

Since late 2016 the blogging realm has moved slightly due to the target being on SAHM’s/ SAHD’s and people wanting to escape the 9-5 regime of working. There are endless opportunities with blogging but as so many new blogs have arisen the rise to the golden ticket is harder.

A few people steered away from the niche blogging market as easier money was to be made showing people how to blog or so bloggers will push you towards as they will also affiliate Teachable or Kajabi platfroms.

More blog income money into their account.

The instigators of these trainings courses made sure that they gave only enough away to make sure that they would not be knocked off their platform by people wanting to take the same route. They gave away the basics and off the students went to cash in on their blog ……. not much happened though and another blog dream grows it’s wings.

Without the complete picture as the students of such courses they still saw the opportunity to create and sell courses, suddenly there are thousands of bloggers trying to sell you a course on how to be a blogger leaving many important and critical factors out.

Due to this there are many blogs out there that just aren’t making the money that they were sold a dream on.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money?

Advertising On Blogs

The really obvious one is having adverts featured on their blog.

Adverts can be placed in various places on the site, most common are:

  • Side bars
  • Footers
  • Headers
  • Within Blog Posts
attractive woman holding a blank advertising board
Braun frame with white space paper for promotion, texts or label Applied for, brochure, mock up, blank card, poster. Focused advertising banner holded by a blurry girl in white studio.

Main advertising networks are:

  • Google Adwords
  • MediaVine
  • Ezoic
  • Media Net
  • Adthrive

To earn through advertising you have to push for traffic, this boils down to marketing your content and focusing on your organic search results.

Giving valuable information, over delivering with your content will see your rocket soar organically as you will start to see brand searches for your content.

Affiliate Links On Blogs

All new bloggers are drawn to Amazon which is a great starting point to learn affiliate marketing.

  • Amazon is trusted
  • Huge percentage of the population use it already
  • It’s an easy way to purchase, many people have one click set up
  • It covers nearly every product you could wish to market

If you are wanting to include Amazon Affiliates as a source of income make sure that you follow their rules, take a moment to read through the common mistakes that people make when starting out with the Amazon Affiliate programme.

Sell Memberships

This is a great money maker if you have a particular skills set and can share your knowledge through a membership programme.

If you don’t fancy creating a course on a learning platform you can share all your knowledge through a membership programme.

Content Promotion For A Main Business/Product

Businesses are really starting to move more into blogging as a moe personal approach to selling their main products and services. A blog is less structured that a traditional sales pitch.

A companies blog can be about a launch, product or a company success with hiring a new team, running a marathon, adopting an office pet basically anything from business related articles through to making the customer think you and your company are more human.

Sponsored Posts

Companies will reach out to blogs with high traffic to get their message seen by the followers on the blog.

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