What Is BERT and will it effect you?

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google BERT update

The buzz is about BERT – what the hell is BERT? Are we talking about the strange character in Sesame Street or something entirely different. Here’s the thing Google loves it’s names – we had Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon which are animals or birds so where the hell does BERT come in?

BERT is the latest update which will effect many websites of all scopes whether you are a blog or a business, according to a lot of chatter on the internet it will effect 1 in 10 search results. So we can safely say it’s a biggie that we need to know about.

If you are interested in the previous updates just click on the links above and you’ll find out the information on each one.

What Is Bert?

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, that makes sense doesn’t it?

Google announced that it’s the most important update in 5 years (if that is so why didn’t they make it obvious what the hell it was to the normal folk?)#just saying!

So it’s about natural language processing – which is so much clearer than the above, right? #notreally

These examples pulled from Googles official post may help you with understanding more about BERT.

So in the below Google has realised that they is a difference between a user from the US travelling to the US and a non US member wanting to enter.

google search results before and after bert

Google gives us further explanations using the estheticians example, google used to relate stand to stand alone but now the search result like above is more relevant and answers the query to the user straight away.

estheticians google bert example

Possibly a common query as many a time ill patients rely on family and friends to help out, as you can see the previous result very generic working with the keywords however not relevant to the exact search query. However the new terms are exactly what the user is wanting to know.

medicine pharmacy example of google bert

Unlike other algorithms when people been up in arms on the net stating huge drops due to being penalised this update is not set to penalise you but to make search results more relevant and smarter.

So how can you use this information to rank better? Easy! Answer the question your ideal clients are looking for, answer it but add more! More could be more relevant articles, a freebie, a webinar anything extra that you give that is relative.

To keep web creators on our toes Google Chrome has also announced that they will and already have judging by the site audits that I am doing are blocking mixed content to users.

What this means is if a site has a SSL cert and so looks ok if they have unsecure links it will give an insecure warning to people visiting the site which is going to be a huge problem for many sites but we have until January to fix it. I am already seeing these errors cropping up so I expect either crawlers are hyped or just my search tools are geared up for it already.

When that update hits unless you fix your mixed content on the site you will start to see even if a valid SSL certificate is in place a warning when people enter the site that the site is not fully secure. This is going to have a huge effect on many websites. Conducting a site audit is going to be essential to finding the mixed content in a large content site.

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