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Below you will find a round-up of the common errors that I have noted on completing the free audit and how to fix them. I will also include a link to more hints and tips as many of you are quite new to SEO and traffic generation.

Unlike many posts that I write I do not have to follow the usual blueprint here as I am writing a specific post directed to a set of individuals that I have already been in contact with, just incase anyone is wondering why I am not following my own advice.

Google and other search engines have a job and that is to find the right relevant content that people are searching for. The public will type in the search engine a question or query and the search engine will give the rankings on the relevance that your site or post has to do with the query.

Remember: Keep It Simple, Keep Focussed and Be Realistic.

Your website is a landing net, you have attract the fish to catch them. You could have the best designed website in the world but unless you work on traffic attraction you limit yourself to people only finding you by fluke.

To elaborate slightly on the above statement, you can have your site SEO optimised to the max and green lights throughout all SEO audits, Yoast, Moz etc however if your site is about underwear for clowns how many people do you think are going to be your audience? If someone is looking for underwear for clowns you are likely to be number one on Google as you will have all the data and resource for that subject however the chance that someone is going to Google, Bing, YouTube or Pinterest such a search is quite tiny.

For those of you that have Shopify stores, you really need to think about setting up a blog, a blog is huge traffic generation source. You may think how can I write a blog around the products you sell but think a little deeper.

  • Why Do You Sell These Products
  • What Do Your Products Do For Your End User
    • Do they solve a problem
    • Are they a feel good item
    • Do they have a USP
  • Who are you? Do you have an interesting story?

Also don’t forget unless someone has an immediate need they may have to see you or your brand at least 7 times for your information to really sink in for that person not only to remember you when they need your products but also for them to refer you to others.

Missing Alt Attibutes

Your alt attributes are massively important as they tell google what images are about and also people with limited vision use screen readers to tell them what images have in them. For a user experience having no attributes scores very poorly. If you do not have all pictures with alt attributes this could negatively impact your SEO.

Duplicate Data

This can be of any form it can be blocks of date or also unfortunately tag and categories in Shopify stores also fall into this category – Shopify has wised up this issue and there is an app that you can use in the Shopify store which is a lot easier for newbies than playing around with canonical coding which is called Site and No Index Manage.

Page Upload Speed

Again Google is looking towards the user experience and we are way past the days of waiting for computer games to upload and having chance to boil the kettle before a page loads. If you are blogging easy ways to control your page speed is:

  • Making sure your images are optimised you can use a site called to help with this.
  • Content sliders are great and look fantastic but limit the images to two and you will save data resource
  • Kingdom, California and New Standard have the best load speed in themes.

There are many of you that need your JS and CSS Files compressing or minifying which is a tricky one and before I give you a walk through on this I am going to use a clients site and test to make sure the coding is straight forward and easily implemented for even the beginners.

What is Minification?

Websites are made up of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to name the most common. Programmers will use code that they or anyone else experienced in coding will be able to decipher and understand. Computers do not need code that is formatted for ease on the eye, spaces or characters.

When a computer looks at the files it ignores all the unnecessary coding as it’s useless to them. The process of minification is taking out all the code that is not required and so condensing the files.

WordPress file compression is simple and easy with a number ion plug ins which will do the work for you.

  • WP Rocket
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache

Low Word Count

A page or post with less than 200 words will flag as weak content. If you have chosen your subject right in terms of your passion around your products it won’t be difficult to come up to 200 words.

Missing Site Map

For Shopify sites that the most of you have I can’t teach you better than the source so I would suggest you look through the Shopify information on sitemaps.

If your site is on the easiest way id through the Yoast free plugin or you can also use the Google XML Sitemap

Mixed Content

I noted that many were using a plugin or set page element to show the google map status however this flags up that you are using a HTTPS to HTTP link which is massively frowned upon. You’re a secure site having a SSL certificate yet you are pointing your site to a link which is HTTP. The simple work around of this is to take a screen shot of the Google map image and import as a library image rather than have a plug in do it directly for you.

All the sites I looked at have massive potential you just need to drive your traffic there. This is a new theme for this particular domain name so I need to do some work on this and another site I am in the process of building which shows people the blogging side which is also a training site in progress you can find here, if you are serious about building an income I may be able to show you some gems along the way to help you that you weren’t aware of so worth keeping an eye on both now the damn flu seems to have disappeared touch wood!

Before I leave – The best sales funnel there is which doesn’t cost anything is referral. Look after your customers, over deliver on their expectations and they will be your brand ambassador without you doing anything.

The audits were conducted using Moz, Semrush and my own knowledge through years of website critique.

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The latter is based more towards home general or niche bloggers and not specifically blogging for business outreach.

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