Can I Quit My Job By Blogging

woman walking out of the office with her personal belongings in a box after quitting her job

Not straight away unless you already have content that you could could class as viral and immediately get views, subscribers, and paying customers to any merchandise that you want to link to.

However it’s not completely impossible, think about blogging as stardom and some people become famous pretty much overnight. The thing with blogging if it’s the YouTube route or affiliate route payments aren’t paid immediately so don’t rush to tell your boss where to put his job!

The good news however if you manage to go viral you will be approached by the media to publish articles on you or you can contact them directly to offer them to interview or create a publication on you.

Blogging doesn’t have to be just a journal, you are an information port on a subject (niche) and people will soon see you as an authority figure who they can trust and refer people to if you are seen as a expert in your field.

It literally can be anything, people are constantly scouring the net for a massive multitude of issues, problems, question seeking answers and how to guides.

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