SEO Shortcuts

How tempting are all the posts that offer quick back linking?

You can gain more exposure for just paying $5 and see your traffic soar.

Careful here, there are many sites that will offer you shortcuts and applications that will offer to increase your audience however Google is very clever and you may find your site penalised for such practises as buying back links.

Back Links

Read more about back links here.

It takes a bit of time to achieve but with hard work, determination and focus you will be able to write genuine content which is interesting and serving a purpose to an niche audience and this is the best way to find yourself moving up Google rankings.

Use analytics and tool to review your traffic and also what and what isn’t working, when you find that a particular type post or subject is gaining you more traffic than others try to emulate that same formula to other posts or topics.

Read more about SEO here

Focus on back links, you should have already set up your social networks with your website details and also other social site links but one of the best ways to start building on SEO and your domain authority is with high quality back links.

Learn how to submit your site to search engines here.

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