How To Make Money Blogging

There are so many ways to make money blogging – you’ve probably already fallen on a trip wire selling you a course, selling you a book, a digital product, a solution to an issue.

These are just some of the ways that bloggers make money.

Creating a blogging course

This one is getting very tedious unless someone actually has a skill.

New bloggers tend to buy a course on how to blog and then they become an affiliate to that course or they make their own version.

It’s great that people are trying to make money for themselves, we all have the ability to do that. However there are many aspects of blogging that you should look at. Becoming a successful online entrepreneur means understanding digital marketing, on and off line SEO, content marketing and advertising – bloggers just get you started because they make money from you thinking it’s easy.

Creating a course can be expensive – I wouldn’t advise a newbie blogger to go down this route.

Selling Products

You can write a blog to sell your own product this could be an eBook, training course or a physical product that you make. Again people will tell you it’s easy but it’s not that clear cut.

Selling Other Peoples Products

You can become an affiliate to gain commission on a referral sale. Bloggers are making money from this but many only scrape through what they have paid for hosting, mailing, scheduling so not a massive earner unless you know what you are doing.


If you have a good social media following you can approach companies to offer them advertising on your site or if you are really on their radar as being an influencer in their field they may approach you.

Alternatively and the easiest way to advertise on your blog is through Google Adsense, you register they give you a code to embed in your site and they will populate the spaces you give them with adverts.

Signing Up To The Following Will Also Bring In Advertiser Revenue:



Famebit ( you need to have 5000+ followers)

FatJoe is the quickest to start earning however you have to have a DA (domain authority) of 10 to get paid on the starting bracket. More info on FatJoe can be found here.

Real Niche Blogging

This is the real passive income way to earn money without spending hours everyday working on strategies and making sure your auto pilots are doing the work for you in the background. You only need to work on some epic posts and you can tailor these to be evergreen and so the money can be made when you sleep.

This is the hardest but the most lucrative blogging strategy and you can learn how through the Blog Doctor at The Blog Clinic when they open the doors which is only a few times a year as the process is very hands on and the coaching side is fantastic.

Before you jump into blogging as an income you need to understand the hills and valleys – the learning curve, digital and content marketing or you will be massively disappointed. The Blog Clinic which is coming soon (late April) and I am a part of that creating a safe environment without trip wires and bullshit – free vague courses or downloads that give you a taster to get your credit card out to learn more.

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