How To Link Text From One Page To Another in WP

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showing pin links from one place to another to demonstrate linking between pages

Super quick example of how to link text from one part of a page to a specific part of another page in WordPress.

There are a number of reasons you may want to do this for instance if you want to keep a glossary page of common terms or if you want to keep your affiliate links out of the equation and on a separate page.

Affiliate links can be kept separate so your page doesn’t look like it’s a full on sales page if you are creating a pillar post.

I have used this link below as an example:

How Does A MLM Work

This link above is for a section within a page about MLM – this link takes you to the page and a section down the page which is titled as above.

I did this by first going to my post on MLM and adding an anchor to the heading tag of the section I chose just to show you, it has no real relevance here.

I added the following code against in editor:

example of link text anchor

So after h2 I added id=”my anchor text” this is where I wanted my link to jump to.

From the main document I wanted to link to the secondary all I did was type How Does A MLM Work as that was my link title, and just link like usual using but as you can see I have added the id tag to the end.

example of link text anchor

Now when people click on How Does MLM work they are taking directly to that section on the other page. There are many other ways to create links with plugins, however don’t forget the more plugins you have you risk your site being slower so learning some HTML is always an advantage.

Hopefully this will have helped – I am thinking about adding more coding shortcuts for newbie bloggers. Drop me a comment if that’s of interest and I will make sure I create some more shortcuts.

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