How Affiliate Marketing Can Kill Your Blog

I first started in blogging years ago before I had children and it was mainly to rant to strangers about the nightmare life I had created for myself being with the person I was with, I was completely anonymous and purely used it to vent my frustrations of not being the person I was deep down.

After realising I could make money from my blogging/ranting efforts I became more focused on ways I could promote items to hear the ker-ching as the pounds came flooding in! I lost myself and what I blogged for, suddenly I was researching to be able to accommodate the odd affiliate link here, there and wherever I basically could as Prada, Gucci and MCM were begging to be in my wardrobe. I could have affiliated all those brands and sent you hop skipping to the latest collections however so past that as I lost who I was.

Since I was chasing the £$£$ I became a robot, yes all the items I promoted I had use of and rated but they weren’t that amazing that I’d tell my best mate or the person next to me in the pub so why would I start to talk about them on the internet to complete strangers? Yes you got it – for my own personal gain.

Of course we all want to make money, we need it to survive. We have bills, clothing, food and general living expenses like the never ending surges in fuel costs. Before I had children I hoped for a huge house with more bedrooms that I’d fill, a gym, a swimming pool etc yet I can’t even keep clean a 4 bedroom house with a games room and I’m not likely to get a cleaner as I have a massive phobia that they will route through every drawer I have include my not very attractive knicker drawer (since children) and have a giggle down at their local at my expense.

The major change in me was that my children became my priority and with that time became my most valuable opportunity, yes I love blogging and having an audience but I finally said goodbye to the numerous blogs that were about parenthood and travelling and just focused on this one. I am a blogging Mum, I fell into it out of love but got caught up with the money to be made, I also through hours of research can see and know that there are many people selling courses promising the earth and unfortunate souls (little mermaids) are spending hundreds of pounds on something they can learn for free.

Not everyone has the understanding to do it alone whilst following a few pointers and I will always assist where I can however school holidays I am limited with time online as that is my munchkin time. I would love you to take what you can from the free resources that I have available and also join the group I have created so that you can also learn from each other.

The main pointers I really want you to take from this is:

  • Don’t be an affiliate whore – work on your content first
  • Don’t chase the money – your content will be diluted and weak so you will struggle with organic traffic finding you
  • Don’t waste time with the follow me, follow back groups, there is a place for this that you can read right here on when follow traffic is good but don’t get sucked into it as your time is precious and not to be wasted on meaningless tasks.

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