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Fat Joe are basically SEO resellers for link building and content creation services. Working with more than 1000 agencies in 12 countries they place more than 5,000 link placements every single month.

In essence for you as a blogger they run a publishing link building service one you register with them as a blogger if your DA is 10+ they will send links relevant to your audience.

How Does It Work

The clients of Fat Joe can be brands, businesses and other SEO agencies, they will charge the client depending on their Domain Authority. The team at Fat Joe will write the content which is then sent out to the bloggers registered to Fat Joe and again they will be paid depending on their Domain Authority if they decide to agree and copy and paste the post in their blog.

Your DA will influence what you will get paid but there could be room for negotiation if your audience is relevant to the post they are wanting to promote.

However once you become an authority figure it gets exciting and you can start to reach out to brands and let them know that you are open to advertising and you could earn £500 + per post.

Now being an authority figure isn’t that complicated yes it takes time but with persistence and knowledge, passion and love of a product then it’s just a hill you need to climb. I will be launching an authority section in part of the course at the latter stages as that comes into play when you have mastered WordPress.

Other companies that offer that same are:




One thing to be very mindful of when you except posts for your page is that the post has to be relevant to your brand. Google is forever evolving and the AI that they use will be able to determine whether it’s relevant to the content that you rank for.

If your main goal on your blogging journey is to create a niche blog or an authoritative blog then strike a balance with the posts that they send you, often the posts are very short and don’t have a lot of detail to really entice viewers engagement. A good blog post is informative, visually enticing and delivers more than expected. The majority of paid posts do not cover all these areas as they are written with a brief and a writer not really fully understanding the brand or message writes the article, a lot of the time there is no underlying passion.

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