Facebook Engagement and Support Groups

Facebook is a great place to gain support for business ideas or to gain blog exposure however do be careful as you could end up in Facebook jail if you are not careful and blocked from liking and sharing posts if you have been seen to be spammy.

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Many pages hold daily engagement posts where you can add a link for likes, comments, shares or just to get noticed. When you participate in these take it slow, read the info that someone has posted as you may find it interesting and if you’re serious about being a blogger it’s really worth making friends in the community. People that you assist are way more likely to help you out if you want to approach for a guest post opportunity, also do not forget these people are doing something about chasing their dream or sharing a passion so please be courteous.

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Here are a list of the pages that are worth looking at:

Bloggers World

Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Blog Schooling

Blog Support Group

Facebook Engagement Support Group

Blogging For New Bloggers

New Blog Support

A word of warning – some pages will run strict rules so that if you participate you will have to like, follow, comment or share on others in the thread. If the thread gets to 50 people are more in length you are going to spend a lot of time returning the favours.

Is that time you have to waste? Can you create something unique and interesting to post to your own social channels instead?

Many pages are now realising that this doesn’t help with organic reach and hampers your cause for gaining new customers/followers as you end up with a group of people that aren’t really likely to add value to your posts. Of course if your ideal audience are other bloggers then it’s possibly a good place to gain some traffic.

Joining these pages is a great research tool though especially if it’s on your niche area as you can find out:

  • what’s hot
  • what people are wanting to know about
  • how your more experienced competitors are responding in some cases
  • trends
  • disappointment – things you don’t want to emulate

So find a good in-between where it can work for you but doesn’t sap your time.

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