Blogger Mistakes

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Common Blogger Mistakes

Before you get too comfy with blogging read these common mistakes that new bloggers make, there are some things you need to know to make sure you have the best chance at staying alive in the net world and not being blacklisted by search engines.

  • Do not copy information and use it as your own, read articles, research and do you own version in your own words. Alternatively quote an article and make sure that you credit the creator and also add a link to the original information.
  • Make sure you add to your site information about any affiliate programs that you a member of, if you are working with Amazon they have a very specific wording that you must use which you can find┬áhere along with some other rules for the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • If your site is an information, educational or advice website then your (evergreen content) will never go out of data so make sure that any articles that are your key articles are not dated. Some evergreen content can be years old and still relevant and most likely be a passive income producer.
  • Keep your links subtle, its a huge turn off for viewers if you site is full of adverts. When you are sending people to an affiliate link make sure that it is natural and relevant to the topic that you are writing about.

Be honest, you will be found out if not!

  • Keep posting! You need to keep your content fresh, your new content can link to old content but subscribers need to see you being active.
  • Don’t start collecting email addresses until you have enough information on your site and enough to send them an email about it. Your subscribers at the first stage don’t know you and certainly aren’t waiting for your emails to start landing unless you have offered them some free content. People will forget you quickly so you need to email them once a week for them to remember who you are.

Your audience will need to see your brand on average 7 times to remember you.

  • Mention your use of Google Analytics – it’s in their policy and it most certainly should be in yours.
  • Remove your traffic from GA or else your numbers will be inflated and not accurate.
  • Be aware of your social footprint, if you’re putting yourself out there know that people will be nosy and search for you on your lesser public channels.
  • Don’t take comments personally – there will always be trolls!
  • Don’t get caught up in numbers, check your stats once a week and that’s it. Your goal is to be visible not hidden checking data.
  • Not researching your topic, you may like jumpers for donkeys but is there really a market for it. Dogs for sure but not sure about donkeys!

Anymore that you think I’ve missed drop me a comment.

Have fun ­čÖé

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