Choosing Your Theme

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Your Theme – Your Look

The main thing that you need is that the theme is responsive – this means that it will change the format on your blog posts to suit whichever device the reader is using. There is nothing worse than surfing on your smart phone and finding a website that is not mobile optimised and having to try to scroll through the screen with half the content missing.

New themes are created daily – not only does your theme need to be responsive for your readers but you as a newbie need the support when it comes to setting up the theme. Great themes have demo data which gives you a great template that you can then change and make your own. If you choose a theme that Bob in his bedroom has created as much as Bob may be great there maybe design flaws. Sorry Bob! Check how many downloads and the creator profile to see if they have a good review as if you are on a roll with your blog the last thing you need is a script error or trying to change something that is key and you can’t figure it out.

As a newbie themes are a learning curve which once mastered you will be flying but similar to potty training you sometimes have incidents along the way.

Some Theme Ideas

As I have a number of sites I use Studio Press and also Envato which I know I’ve mentioned before as doing there subscription program means you have access to a huge resource library of material. Most of my images come from Envato which means I have no concerns about copyright as I have permission to use them.

As much as my iPhone has great capabilities of taking pictures and looking fabulous on my phone once I transferred the photos onto the web they looked tatty and not editorial enough as I work many blogs I had to have a resource that meant I have visuals to hand to make my role slicker and less time consuming.

More blogger blogging themes are created by Pipdig and Bluchic as they resonate more with the audience many bloggers want to reach.

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