Busy Blogging But Not Getting Anywhere

I have been guilty of this – I’m so busy blogging that I just forget about the basics. My mind is constantly coming up with new content and I rush to grab the laptop and then my thoughts go elsewhere and I’m onto something else.

It’s not till I remember my previous career training that I think crap I’m doing it all wrong and grab myself a notepad and pen and start to work on my planner. Your planner doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it needs to be forward thinking but also work like a to do list so you get to finish things off.

Don’t rush your posts, SEO don’t forget is massively important if you are wanting to be seen on the net for random folk just surfing the net. SEO can be rather complex but stick to the basic to start with, Yoast helps with the SEO basics and making sure that each post ticks the boxes for SERP. You could also look at MOZ which allows you to research where your blog is featured at the moment, inbound links to your site and what errors you may have that you haven’t noticed.

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