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Everyone who has a blog seems to make it easy, a large percentage of bloggers will even have a guide with many saying you could be up and running making money in a month!

If It’s That Easy Why Isn’t Everyone Blogging?

Valid point! However it’s not that easy unless you know what you are doing. Blogging for money means you have to follow some certain rules, processes and structure.

It’s not going to make you money straight away unless you are incredibly lucky. It’s not going to make you a millionaire unless you hit a niche, get plenty of interest and spend time at promoting your content.

The internet is full of blogs but a huge majority give up after 6 weeks or less as they don’t see an improvement of traffic other than friends. This can be soul shattering. if the whole reason in starting the blog is for extra income or to quit a job they hate. Unfortunately in many cases these people have already spent money they couldn’t necessarily afford on courses and memberships that promise the earth yet fail to really give the data to make people successful.

I cannot guarantee you will be the next Blogionaire but I will teach you what you need to know, if you couple that with desire and determination you will be just fine.

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Blogging can be a hobby however if you are wanting to make money from it it has to be a business and a business to succeed needs to have a foundation.

It’s not a dull business, it’s fun, it’s hard work but if you choose the right niche/passion you’re working with something you love.

When you get introduced to blogging many fall on a blog post which shows the end result – the reason being is they are marketing it to you. Your brain starts to run away with your dreams which is great and you need that creative side of you to be woken.


They say you don’t need any tech skills – they lie!

You need to understand your way around a computer you need to be able to format blog posts, you need to understand social and SEO. There is a lot to learn, there are some short cuts though.

When I started blogging I had no idea luckily I chose Siteground and literally I played dumb to the support team and they helped me with many aspects.

I chose Bluchic for my theme after falling flat on my face after listening to bullshit that Genesis was the way forward (the blogger got a decent commission for this referral). I was so lost I soon jumped ship, with Bluchic there are many great themes, clean and pretty which is what I wanted.

The plus side was that the theme came with demo data – easy to manipulate and change to what I wanted. The layout was there already done for me and with the brilliant instruction guide I was up and running easily. It was just like building Ikea furniture – fine when you read in instructions.

There are other great themes out there the easiest way is to look at what other people are using and if you like the look of their site check out the developer code and see what theme they are using.

How to see what theme someone is using.

For a Mac go to View, Developer and view source.

For a Windows pc right click on a piece of white screen on the page, click view page source.

Once you are in the code you are looking for the word ‘theme’. Control and F key will help you – many sites will have the info right there for you to Google.

Once you have the theme name, look at if it comes with demo data and a walkthrough. Many come with an extensive walkthrough which will have YouTube videos as well as a walkthrough document.

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