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Some Blog Ideas

We google everything these days if the boiler breaks we google it, we google how to get stains out of clothes, we google our illness symptoms of which most come back saying we have cancer (so stop that and phone the doctor).

The most popular subjects people look for which you could relate to a blog is:

How to lose weight

Discount sites

How to make money or save money

How to find a partner

Best places to buy and recommendations on electrical equipment

How to be a parent

How to love yourself

Gain your confidence back

How to be happy

How to deal with negative influence

Based around these for instance on dieting you can work on such variations as:

How to lose weight at 40+

How to lose weight on a budget

How to lose weight with a medical condition

How to shop when you are dieting

How to disguise something you don’t like about your body

For the how to make money or save money you could use these:

Easy ways to budget

Budgeting a family of 5

Ways to make money when you are broke

Best ways to start saving and not spending

How to look great on a budget

How to get rid of debt and stay that way

On parenting you could write about these:

How to deal with tantrums without putting your child in a cage (lol)

How to stop your child being a fussy eater

How to get your child to sleep through

How to cope with potty training

It really is endless what you can right about and what products you can link I will complete a quick video that you can watch here to show you how to link using Amazon Affiliate Program which is just one of the ways you can monetise your blog.

So the best product I found being a mum to help me with sleepless nights was this.

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