Beginner Blogging Basics 2019

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So you have decided to take the leap and want to start a blog! That’s great! It’s a fantastic hobby to have and many people make money from it through monetising blogs.

So you want to explore starting a blog, lets get started with the basics and start you off right.

There are a number of ways that people can make money through blogging which you may want to read first. If it’s still for you then come on back over.

The blogosphere is full to the brim of people talking about ‘how to start a blog’, running through how to get yourself started but do you know what blogging before you leap into it and start listening to people or buying courses as that’s what they want you to do.

Mommy bloggers, lifestyle, food and fashion bloggers are all promoting either Blue Host or Siteground as the preferred hosting service best placed as home to your blog.

Facebook groups are full of questions around hosting, what it is and why you need it. I’ll go into a little more detail for you.

If you’re just creating a personal blog do it on Blogger, you’re doing it for passion and not just for money. You can add advertising to it to earn a bit extra if you want to and you can promote products of other social media platforms . through affiliate marketing but you’re a way from that yet.

Get the basics bossed first and they you can work on that.

Blogging Basics.

What you need.

An idea, a subject (niche) and if you serious about making money a researched plan and content map.

Your own space on the net – via hosted or self hosted.

A domain name

A SSL certificate (when you visit a website it doesn’t flag that it’s potentially dangerous if you have this). No one wants to visit a site that has a warning that they may steal your identity etc.

An SSL certificate is huge right now and a MUST HAVE, Chrome for a while has been flagging up sites to the users as not being safe and of course this is massively off putting for viewers where many will not continue to the site.

Recently after the Bert Update even if you have an SSL if you have mixed content so http and https links you will also trigger the Chrome warning! Read more about the BERT Update and how to check your site to make sure you comply.

Hosting Your Blog

I would massively recommend that you either look at Blue Host or Siteground as a place to host your blog, this is going to be the biggest expense in starting you off but if you choose the basic option for now, it’s the cost of a night out essentially. Lots of people will tell you to go with the higher paid options for a plan but you can upgrade later down the line whenever you feel up want to so stick with the basic to start with.

You can start off with Blogger though and don’t listen to people saying that you don’t own the data or that you data can be used and manipulated – the scare tactics to drive you to paid is just annoying and I hate seeing newbies post on Facebook pages about Blogger and other free platforms – I call newbies shark bait – sorry guys but you will get eaten alive (they will take your money first though!)

I use Siteground for everything and I would highly recommend them, the support they offer is essential if you make an error in starting out.

You will need WordPress, WordPress is a foundation of so many blogs and websites it’s insane.

Mainly due to flexibility and ease of use, you can have many different plugins with WordPress not that you need to worry about those just yet and you need to be selective about plugins as they will slow down your page speed with is a big issue!

Choosing A Domain Name

Time for a brainstorm here!

What are you going to write about?

Are there any words that people will automatically search for to currently find the information you are wanting to put out there?

What about your name – if you are going to pitch yourself as an authority figure then this can really work for you.

  • Go along to Namecheckr and see if the names that you want are available.
  • Always aim for a .com extension as these are ones people trust.
  • Do not use brand names in your domain as they will shut you down
  • Keep it simple, no hard to spell words
  • Keep it short and to the point

One thing I would suggest you do but you may not have the chance at this if you have already taken the leap before reading this is do some research. This is essential on a blog that you hoping to make money from.

  • Look at who is out there at the moment in your niche
  • Where do they rank on Google, Bing and even DuckDuckGo
  • What type of posts do they write
  • How detailed are their posts and can you do better
  • Can you write 30 + posts of at least 3000 words on subjects in the niche?

If you head over to the Facebook group I will soon be giving the best hints and tips for finding out all the best ways to do your research and making sure that you are setting off in the right direction. Read more about the Facebook group by hopping on over here.

Using A Domain Name From GoDaddy

If you have your domain over at GoDaddy (they are pretty damn cheap) it’s so easy to point it over to SiteGround and is done often within a few hours.

Step 1

Head over to SiteGround and navigate to your control panel, in the left side panel you will see your name servers these you are going to enter into GoDaddy in your domain settings.

Step 2

Select your domain in GoDaddy and click domain settings, in DNS scroll down and change the name servers to the details you saw in control panel.

Step 3

Wait a short while and you will receive an email from GoDaddy letting you know that your domain name servers have been updated.

Before you start happily typing away make sure that you have set up your blog right which will eliminate having to change anything further down the line.

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