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Affiliate Marketing = Money

This is where it gets interesting and you’ll find yourself addicted!

Your posts however need to be relevant!

Is anyone going to buy a handbag through a referral on a post on caring for a sick pet? Most likely not! Or alternatively is anyone going to be interested in a high spec $2000 camera when they have just given birth? No not likely!

If you’re a Disney blogger they will want to know about Disney merchandise with potential discounts or how to make a Disney holiday more budget friendly without cutting out the fun.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger are they going to appreciate a recommendation to a washing machine? If you’re a successful lifestyle blogger you don’t often do you’re own washing so you’re not going to know the niche that much.

So when you are joining affiliate networks and requesting to join certain programmes then think what synergy you have with the brand as there is a section that you can state why you think your collaboration with the brand will be of mutual benefit.

Here is a small list of Affiliate Network companies:


Rakuten Marketing


Share A Sale

C J Affiliates

Flex Offers

There are hundreds more however don’t get bogged down in signing up for affiliate companies, the above list has plenty for you to be going at for now as otherwise you’ll end up being lost in information overload and your blog will look messy. Focus on a few that really have synergy with your message/brand and make them work first.

Some companies will run their affiliate programs in house so if there is a particular brand you feel would welcome working with you drop them an email via their marketing team if they don’t have an affiliate section on their website.

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