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link to SEO Shortcuts

SEO Shortcuts

How tempting are all the posts that offer quick back linking? You can gain more exposure for just paying $5 and see your traffic soar. Careful here, there are many sites that will offer you...

link to Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing = Money This is where it gets interesting and you’ll find yourself addicted! Your posts however need to be relevant! Is anyone going to buy a handbag through a...

link to Choosing Your Theme

Choosing Your Theme

Your Theme - Your Look The main thing that you need is that the theme is responsive – this means that it will change the format on your blog posts to suit whichever device the reader is...

link to Blogger Mistakes

Blogger Mistakes

Common Blogger Mistakes Before you get too comfy with blogging read these common mistakes that new bloggers make, there are some things you need to know to make sure you have the best...